Welcome to Trust Academy

Firstly, I would like to welcome all students to Trust Academy. As Trust Academy we look forward to a good partnership that will help you to succeed in your studies.

Commitment to sustaining quality tuition

In ensuring that we sustain the quality of results we have achieved over the years, the management promises to recruit experienced, qualified and competent lecturers coupled with other strategic initiatives meant to augment your educational success. The management will ensure that it will attend to all your problems and provide the necessary solutions at the earliest possible time. More visits would be made to various classes by various sectional heads to ascertain the levels of satisfactions amongst our various students. This will also unearth inadequacies or inefficiencies that you might be experiencing and we expect you to indicate them to enable us to rectify them.

The three schools namely Business School, ICT and High Schools will put a raft of measures to number of measures to support our commitment. Business School will engage various exam boards in providing students with vital exam tips and will as usual offer revision classes for selected subjects. It will also conduct sit-ins that is in class personal assessment of the competence of the lecturer which will give a room for on spot advice.

The ICT Department will ensure sustainability of five-star results and improved students pass rates through setting performance targets for each module, the department will ensure all efforts are directed towards surpassing the targets. This will call for hard work, commitment and dedication from both students and lectures.

The High School will ensure the improving of exam pass rates through conducting intensive revisions during holidays and before the commencement of national examinations. These programmes provide intensive induction to all subjects and practice from past exam papers.

Ensuring superior customer satisfaction

Through the Customer services department, the college will ensure superior customer satisfaction that will translate to superior examinations results. The college remains committed in ensuring that it continuously offers services that fulfill your needs and concerns in totality. We acknowledge that your needs and expectations always change and our mission is to ensure we continue to match your ever rising expectations.

Through class visits, the college will empower students to open up on short--comings and inadequacies they are facing so that they will be swiftly addressed. The department will engage sectional heads on a regular base to ensure that issues raised by students are actively resolved to their satisfactory.

Through your feedback and comments, we will be able to continuously improve on our systems, processes and controls. I strongly emphasis that such a feedback is critical to us as it always challenge us to do better. Hence don’t hesitate to contact key personnel if you face challenges regarding our systems, processes and controls.

Ensuring a well-resourced library

This semester we are going to acquire more prescribed textbooks for various courses and I am urging students who fail to find key textbooks in the library to always inform the librarian so that we can acquire them. The college through the customer services department will liaise with three schools that is Business School, ICT and High school in identifying subjects where attention will be prioritized.

Work Related Learning programme

Through the Internship unit, the institution will ensure that there is the creation of more attachment opportunities for students studying various disciplines through the creation of strategic linkages with industry and commerce. I am therefore urging you to fully utilize the section for your career development.

Enhancing your computer literacy

We are urging students to acquire computer skills so that they will remain competitive in the job market in this digital world.

In conclusion, I want to thank you for your continued support and as Trust Academy we are looking forward to a good working relation that can transform into a fruitful realization of your dream career. We promise that we will definitely play our role and where we go amiss please let us know so that we can improve in those areas.

Thank you
T Mataka
Managing Director

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